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Orbit enables your enterprise to...


Add Structure and Organization to Google Drive™

Manage Word®, Excel®, and other Microsoft Office™ Files

Optimize Business Processes by Connecting Documents, Data and Contacts

Structured Organization

Orbit's powerful organization and hierarchy allows users to structure content with ease. Tabs across the top of the home screen provide the broad-concept organization of the Orbit system. Within each Tab, users can create a hierarchy around its documents, files and data with categories, folders, objects and collections. Managing document and data libraries is made easy and intuitive.

Microsoft and More

Orbit is your document and data unifying layer. Capable of managing files of any type, users can work with Microsoft legacy documents and data, PDF files, YouTube videos, websites, audio files and images. Integrate with Google Drive and related content including Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

Keyword, Location, and Structured Tagging

Orbit's enhanced tagging feature allows users to tag items in three different ways. Firstly, Orbit allows for keyword tagging by assigning words or phrases known as metadata, to documents, files and folders. Orbit's location tagging allows you to associate any place of interest, or address, and map it by geographical coordinates. Search results are displayed with a google map view, which allows for filtering by location. A predetermined hierarchy in structured tags prompts users to tag content in a uniform way by guiding users through the selection process, disabling certain categories from being the final tag and enabling a multiple selection process when necessary.

Collaborate with Tasks

Create tasks and associate them with any file, document or object. Orbit then gives users the ability to save notes or comments with each task, assign tasks to other users, sync with Google Calendar, and accept or reject the task -- all from an easy-to-manage Tasks homepage

Check In / Check Out

In order to preserve document and file continuity and expansive team collaboration in Orbit, we have created a Check In and Check out feature for non-drive files. When a user needs to make edits to a document or file, a document can be checked out, thereby preventing further edits by other users until it is checked back in. In the meantime, other users will see a "document checked out" message.

Versioning Control

Orbit maintains a file history of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or any other non-Drive document. Each time a file is checked out and later checked back in, a new version of the file is created. Users can refer back to the original file or any of the later versions. Orbit keeps a log of the file?s original author, date created, and who and when modifications were made, all key features of Microsoft SharePoint.

Google Apps Integration

Orbit works seamlessly with Google Apps. Access and manage all of your Google Drive documents and files or create new Drive documents in Orbit. Work with your documents directly in Orbit, using live collaboration or lock your Drive documents to restrict access to other users.

Smart Search

Orbit's Smart Search feature allows users to search for documents, files, and objects using keywords - or metadata - associated with tagged content, along with more typical full text search capabilities. Advanced search filters are provided for further refinement.

Sharing and Permissioning

Define who has access to documents, files and data types. Grant access to files at a group level or, with Orbit's granular permissioning capability, set parameters at a folder, document or record level. From the Permissions Page, users are granted either Read or Write access, further defining hierarchy of control over files and data.

Built entirely on the Arachno Platform

Arachno, a cloud based database, has been designed from the ground up to solve the problems with relational database architecture and bring innovation to the database industry. Arachno enables users to manage data quickly and intuitively. Furthermore, developers can leverage Arachno's technology by quickly building both standalone applications and apps on the platform that further extend functionality of existing systems.

Arachno is built on top of Google's robust cloud infrastructure which provides unlimited processing power and storage. In addition to providing a robust development platform where complex enterprise level solutions can be created, Arachno provides integration with all of the Google App products.